Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ode to an Obsession

Since one August evening, my eyes when saw you
They've been craving, for more and more 
Your form mesmerizing, dazed them with a view
Insane they echoed, encore encore..!

When that alluring face, with tinge that golden
Inkling in charm inherent, formed a smiling bloom
I remember it how I, through days those olden
Wondered at its potence, at how much did it loom

You've been since then, for me a thrilling drug
The more I resist you, the more I need you
I submit my being, with a surrendering shrug
To my ruthless desire, to entreat you

Entreat you to bless me, with thy soothing flashes
So that these eyes weary, get embalmed with relief
Or let world this see me, burning down to ashes
Like I now burn in, smouldering embers of grief

I pray this immense yearning, someday meets its end
The pain it has dispensed, has been excruciating
My soul is now too tired, enduring this wobbly trend
I'd never wished to go on, just waiting and waiting...


  1. Loved the third paragraph and they way you moved the emotions with words on to the next one. Lovely expression...

    An ode to remember:)

  2. loved the 'drug' bit.. talk of obsession and not mention drug? I must say you have a great sense of figures of speech..great Simile here!! :)
    loved it!

  3. Superb use of vocab n figure of speech...

    Flow of thoughts well maintained...Nice work...

    Keep goin..keep blogging n keep rockin!!!

  4. a flow that attracts and poured out with true emotions . good work
    the best line that stirs me up : The more I resist you, the more I need you .......