Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fog : The Good Evil

It paints the surroundings, in mercurial white
The path appears, as if leading to heaven
You see on your left, or you peep towards right
You'll see nothing, but a sheet milk laden

Imparting the atmosphere, an air unearthly
This densely cloud, is such a treat to walk through
Especially in freezing, mornings those early
It's celestial effect one will, decipher to be of brew

Trees take the form of, looming monsters
Small stumpy shrubs, appear objects of awe
The smell smoky damp, that mist fosters
Mingles with the piney, fragrance of straw

Beautitude apart, it's a heartless impostor
An impairer of vision, wherever it thrives
Every fifteenth vehicle, turns roller and coster
Thereby it claims about, thousands of lives

Comes down heavily, on traffic of all kinds
Flights getting delayed while trains running late
Workaholics to home, forcibly it binds
Difficult telling how long, one may have to wait...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ode to an Obsession

Since one August evening, my eyes when saw you
They've been craving, for more and more 
Your form mesmerizing, dazed them with a view
Insane they echoed, encore encore..!

When that alluring face, with tinge that golden
Inkling in charm inherent, formed a smiling bloom
I remember it how I, through days those olden
Wondered at its potence, at how much did it loom

You've been since then, for me a thrilling drug
The more I resist you, the more I need you
I submit my being, with a surrendering shrug
To my ruthless desire, to entreat you

Entreat you to bless me, with thy soothing flashes
So that these eyes weary, get embalmed with relief
Or let world this see me, burning down to ashes
Like I now burn in, smouldering embers of grief

I pray this immense yearning, someday meets its end
The pain it has dispensed, has been excruciating
My soul is now too tired, enduring this wobbly trend
I'd never wished to go on, just waiting and waiting...

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beginning of Revelry

Petty petty happenings, have turned out
Exactly the way, I wished them to
I am here strolling, with you about
Only wondering, if that's true

Things around me, do bubble with zeal
World this seems, in a state of trance
Energy this vibrant, that I feel
Incites my being to dance, just dance

The moments I am living, at this moment
Were live once, only in fantasies
Seeing them go real, in world this impudent
Enthuses me with, breathless ecstasies

Your presence distinguished, O my dear
Has lended the atmosphere, a sheen sterling
World seems obsessed, with thy charm so sheer
Celebrates your presence, by dancing and swirling

The gaudy colors, of gyrating lights
When illuminate, your angelic visage
I feel so released, I feel delights
I wish could see this, throughout my age...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sinister world

World is nothing but a cop unfair
The innocent you are, the more it'll ensnare
The more you try to prove yourself right
Fiercer it grows and threatens to bite

World is nothing but a hush-hush affair
Fates will swap and you'll just stare
Cite the history and you'll get to know
that arches went beggars and latter got to glow

World is nothing but a name of a game
Where people seek chance to shoot up to fame
Alas while playing they overlook the fact
That rules of this game have never been intact

World this abounds in demonic minds
Exuberance and greatness whenever it finds
Framing of plots instantly begins,
To trigger the process of generating ruins

World is nothing but a tumultuous battle
Where swords bloody clash and armors rattle
This battle's fate is due on doom's day
When hell or heaven will come our way

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the yearning ends

Day faded into night, I did not notice
Whether she'll come, still a mystery
Hope yet hasn't died, as if it opposes
Her chances to become, a history

Time seems speeding, as if running a race
I feel so restless, my breathes are heavy
Turn up O dear, with your angelic face
With eyes that shimmer, and locks wavy

Your coming to me, will be a remedy
To relieve my longing, to cure my pain
And if you come not, 'twill be a tragedy
My efforts for meeting, will all be vain

The space suddenly, seems enlightened
Scents ethereal, refreshen the air
Noise is now music, dims have brightened
Her person stellar, is surely here

I see her walking, she approaches me in haste
I feel like heavens, like object unearthly
I wish this rare flavour, could forever I taste
I feel so divine, a creature so worthly...

Yearning to meet you

I've been waiting, eagerly for tomorrow
Because there is hope, I will meet you
And if i don't, I'll be reeling in sorrow
Reason so obvious, I have missed you

Missed you my dear, that too like a crazy
So much that bounds, even I don't know
Missed you so badly, all else looked hazy
Only sight distinct, was your shadow

The days of yearning, I have spent
Without having, a glimpse of you
Have been to me, like chisels bent
on detaching bones, from sinew

As dawn breaks, for the coming day
The sun shines with semblance revived
Sure I will meet you, elated to say
But wait Ehte, she hasn't yet arrived

Don't be too complacent, that she'll come
Perhaps she has, somewhere else to go
There are people, about her some
Whom she'd prefer in her life, just so...