Monday, November 7, 2011

Sinister world

World is nothing but a cop unfair
The innocent you are, the more it'll ensnare
The more you try to prove yourself right
Fiercer it grows and threatens to bite

World is nothing but a hush-hush affair
Fates will swap and you'll just stare
Cite the history and you'll get to know
that arches went beggars and latter got to glow

World is nothing but a name of a game
Where people seek chance to shoot up to fame
Alas while playing they overlook the fact
That rules of this game have never been intact

World this abounds in demonic minds
Exuberance and greatness whenever it finds
Framing of plots instantly begins,
To trigger the process of generating ruins

World is nothing but a tumultuous battle
Where swords bloody clash and armors rattle
This battle's fate is due on doom's day
When hell or heaven will come our way


  1. Sinister world it is.. aabb rhyme scheme is a change, coz earlier it was abab!
    I love this insight into the current scenario so beautifully put! :)