Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yearning to meet you

I've been waiting, eagerly for tomorrow
Because there is hope, I will meet you
And if i don't, I'll be reeling in sorrow
Reason so obvious, I have missed you

Missed you my dear, that too like a crazy
So much that bounds, even I don't know
Missed you so badly, all else looked hazy
Only sight distinct, was your shadow

The days of yearning, I have spent
Without having, a glimpse of you
Have been to me, like chisels bent
on detaching bones, from sinew

As dawn breaks, for the coming day
The sun shines with semblance revived
Sure I will meet you, elated to say
But wait Ehte, she hasn't yet arrived

Don't be too complacent, that she'll come
Perhaps she has, somewhere else to go
There are people, about her some
Whom she'd prefer in her life, just so...


  1. Its a very nice piece of work, eagerly waiting for your upcoming blogs. :)

  2. When I started blogging, I posted something which I wrote when I was in school. You started with such a bang, you will surely make your mark. Love your style already.

  3. Wow...there are 2 things that I want to say.
    1. Beautiful use of words.. Very rarely do we get people who make such optimal use of english and I feel, poetry is one such medium, where beauty of the language can be maximally used.

    2. The way you use your name in the poem, gives it the quintessential urdu shayari touch and I love it! :)

    Great poem! :)
    I am glued to your blog..