Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beginning of Revelry

Petty petty happenings, have turned out
Exactly the way, I wished them to
I am here strolling, with you about
Only wondering, if that's true

Things around me, do bubble with zeal
World this seems, in a state of trance
Energy this vibrant, that I feel
Incites my being to dance, just dance

The moments I am living, at this moment
Were live once, only in fantasies
Seeing them go real, in world this impudent
Enthuses me with, breathless ecstasies

Your presence distinguished, O my dear
Has lended the atmosphere, a sheen sterling
World seems obsessed, with thy charm so sheer
Celebrates your presence, by dancing and swirling

The gaudy colors, of gyrating lights
When illuminate, your angelic visage
I feel so released, I feel delights
I wish could see this, throughout my age...


  1. I couldn't ask for a more delightful end for the day. Last line of the second paragraph is extremely beautiful and the repetition of the word 'dance' infuses a bit of playfulness.

    Last paragraph blew me away. Keep penning more and delight your readers...

    Thanks for an awesome experience...

  2. Awesome poetry again.. but towards the end, the mismatch in rhyme of Visage and Age foiled the rhythm. Else it was going amazing!

    the 'a' in Visage is pronounced as 'a' in 'March' or 'arch' or 'art', and 'a' in age is pronounced as 'a' in 'place' or 'pray; or 'day'.

    Don't mind the extra gyaan :P

  3. Thank you very much for the awe -inspiring compliments. :) Why mind the extra gyaan.. As a matter of fact I am glad that you made an effort to point out the one you felt should be revised. But as far as the pronunciation of Visage is concerned, since my very school days, my teachers have taught me to pronounce it the way I have done it in the poem. Moreover also pronounces it the same way. :) Is there an ambiguity related to British or American accent or something of the sort?